Our clients

Our clients are devided in three categories:

1. Local governments: (traffic solutions)

We select top quality signals for a second life in African, East European or other countries worldwide. Our signals are ready to use and preparing for LED modules. On demand we can programme and build up complete traffic installations on the spot. We collaborate with a team of very experienced contractors

2. Corporations: (functional use)

Easy maintenance, quick delivery and many identical items on stock are key to make the difference. Many distribution, logistic, marketing or franchise corporations already have found us for our products. What to think about customizing the signal lenses with your own company logo.

3. Private customers: (decoration use)

Old signals with esthetical value find their way to our curiosity and vintage minded customers. Industrial classic items which are real eye catchers for shops, bars or private houses. From simple designs to exclusive American bulbs. Also bars and clubs do use our traffic signals for different decoration purposes