lenses, visors and templates:

All signals basically will be delivered as shown on the picture gallery. On request we can change lens colors, templates, remove visors in all different variations.

A pedestrian signal with a bike template..? One-section signals with an arrow template and red lens..? All 210mm lenses and templates are ready to exchange with each other.

How it works:

Lens colors:

For every lens colour on stock we use lowercase letters.




w=white (not in stock yet)

Select your requested signal and place the lowercase letter after the itemnumber. (top-down)


You order a Peek 3-section signal with item no. 1230 with a orange lense on top, a green in the middle and a red below.

You order the 1230ogr


You can order your signal with different templates as well. Every template on stock has its unique capital letter code.

V=pedestrian template

F=bicycle template


T=tramlogo (painted on a orange lens)


The Peek 3-section signal with 1230ogr with arrow templates will become 1230ogrP

What we charge:

To exchange lenses or templates we charge euro 5,00 per section if you order a signal as well. With a maximum of euro 10,00 extra per signal. We just charge the extra work. Would you like a bicycle signal (standard included with bike templates) we won’t charge extra costs.

You also can order individual templates/ lenses:

Lenses, plastic: (red, orange or green) 210 mm = euro 12,00

Templates (bikes, arrows or pedestrian) 210 mm = euro 10,00