Brand: Econolite (American vintage signals)

Econolite stoplichten
  • art No. 3330P twin
  • art No. 3230
  • art No. 3220V

art No. 3330P twin Econolite 300 mm/12” lens (Bulls-Eye)

art No. 3230 Econolite 200 mm/ 8” lens three section car light with socket

art No. 3220V Econolite 200 mm/ 8” lens diameter pedestrian signal

Best buy for

  • All kinds of vintage interiors

  • America, fifties, jukebox, old-timer (…) adepts

  • Real signal collectors


  • Very nice fifties design

  • Easy maintenance

  • Some have the E27 fitting

  • 200mm pedestrian, car or bicycle signals are much more compact than European signals.

  • Real glass colour lenses

  • Signals could differ from each other (brackets, fitting, small details…) ask for specifications


Diameter lenses: 200 mm    euro
2 section signal:    
3220V (pedestrian signal, shown on picture) 79,00
3220 (garage light, red & green plain lenses)    79,00
3 section signal:    
3230 (one way signal plain lenses) 99,00
3230P (one way arrow templates)            99,00
3230F (one way bicycle templates) 99,00
3230X (one way signal including aluminium base shown on picture) 129,00
Diameter lenses: 300 mm ( Bullseye) euro
Econolite Bullseye 3-section signals:
3330 TWIN
(two signals + frame) 349,00
3330P TWIN (idem + arrow templates (shown on picture) 349,00
3330 (one three section signal without frame*) 199,00
3330P (idem with arrow templates) 199,00
3330X (idem different lens colours/ tamplates on demand) 210,00
*Onder voorbehoud van beschikbaarheid/ danwel de mogelijkheid om het frame te demonteren.        


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