Brand: Vialis/ Nederland Haarlem ‘Classic’ trafficlight

Vialis stoplichten

  • art No. 2210T
  • art No. 2220V
  • art No. 2230
  • art No. 2330

art No. 2210T Vialis/ Nederland Haarlem 210mm lens one section Tram warning signal

art No. 2220V Vialis/ Nederland Haarlem 210mm lens lens two section Pedestrian signal

art No. 2230 Vialis/ Nederland Haarlem 210mm lens diameter car signal

art No. 2330 Vialis/ Nederland Haarlem 300mm lens diameter highway car signal

Best buy for

  • Stages and light effects

  • Wall construction

  • Repainting


  • Solid and easy maintenance

  • 220V connection (some have E27 fitting)

  • Prepared for LED modules

  • Aluminium body


Diameter lenses: 210 mm euro
1 section signal:    
2210T (tram signal, shown on picture) 39,00
2210o (orange lens plain)   44,00
2210g (green lens plain) 44,00
2210r (red lens plain) 44,00
2 section signal:    
2220V (Pedestrian signal, shown on picture) 50,00
2220 (garage light, red & green plain lenses) 50,00
2220X (different lens colours/ templates on demand) 60,00
3 section signal:    
2230 (one way signal plain lenses, shown on picture) 75,00
2230F (one way bicycle templates) 75,00
2230P (one way arrow templates) 75,00
2230X (different lens colours/ templates on demand) 85,00
Diameter lenses: 300 mm    euro
3 section signal:    
2330 (one way signal plain lenses shown on picture) 90,00
2330P (one way signal , arrow templates) 95,00


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